2018 Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Wisconsin Traffic Crash Facts report serves as a resource for traffic safety professionals and those interested in making Wisconsin’s roadways, sidewalks, and bicycle paths safe for all who travel them. It contains statewide information about traffic crashes and the related behavioral factors.

In 2018, Wisconsin saw 144,212 crashes and 576 people killed in those crashes, many of which could have been prevented by avoiding risky behaviors like impaired driving, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt.

An impaired or speeding driver was involved in 44% of the 517 fatal crashes. Factors can often overlap; both an impaired and speeding driver was a factor in 16% of fatal crashes.

For more information about transportation safety in Wisconsin, or to submit a crash data request, please email the Bureau of Transportation Safety and Technical Services Program and Policy Unit at CrashDataAnalysis@dot.wi.gov.

Fatal crashes by driver behavior